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Ice Cream Social


Winter Blast of Kindness

Coronavirus Updates

ATTENDANCE: Beginning on 3/19/2020, students should log in to their 2nd period classroom and fill out the Google Form to be counted for attendance. If your child is in 6th or 8th grade, this is a core class. If they are in 7th grade, this will be a related arts class. 7th graders should check in with their A teachers on A days and B teachers on B days. You can check PowerSchool if you are unsure which day it is (3/19 is an A day).


If you or your student has any questions about the process at any time, reach out to your team leader. You can use the staff directory on this website for assistance with e-mail addresses.


School is now closed until April 20, 2020. Read Dr. Taylor’s message from 3/25 here.

SOMSD Online Planning Guidelines for Students for Remote Learning starting 4/1/2020

Middle School Online Learning for Parents 3/27/2020

Tips for Reducing Isolation

Reflections Journal

Fun Things to Do at Home

State Updates on Covid19

Video Message of Thanks from Dr. Taylor 3/20/2020

District Cornavirus Updates

Distance Learning FAQs

From the Social Work Corner 3/19

Distance Learning Letter from Ms. Irby 3/16/2020

Food Pick-Up and Assistance for Families in Need (multiple languages)

Letter from Dr. Morana regarding Special Education Services 

Dr. Taylor’s Message about School Closure

Maplewood Township Website

South Orange Village Website





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