Ms. Karis’ Carousel Quiz

With so many incredible things happening in our children’s classrooms each day, we thought it would be good to give the fly on the wall view point.
Recently, Ms. Karis’ 8th grade Social Studies students were tasked with combining knowledge gained in class with document analysis, to respond to open-ended questions in a “carousel quiz” format.
Students chose two document-based questions for their response. They used documents posted around the room (like a museum) to support their responses.  Students were then asked to provide feedback on Edmodo about the format of the quiz.
Here are some responses:
“I thought that the “carousel quiz” was very interesting. In my opinion it was a great way for us as students to show what we know. I think it went really well and is a very smart idea. I liked how we got to choose what we answer. It was much better than a normal sit down test because it was out if the ordinary. We got to walk around and that made it more enjoyable. I didnt like how we had to write a whole essay about each document and question. I personally would have liked it more if the quiz was a series of questions and we had to walk around and cite certain parts in a short answer format. All in all I liked the “carousel quiz” and would like to do it again in the future.”
I feel that the quiz was in a very interesting format. One way you could make it better was if you would set a half time mark for it so they would know when to start the second question.”
I thought the quiz went very well. I am usually able to focus more when walking around so I believe this helped me more than any other quiz. I also liked the evidence around the room, so we could have something specific to cite from. Nothing didn’t really work for me, I thought it all worked very well. Thank you Ms. Karis, and have a nice rest of your break off.”
I liked the carousel quiz. The only problem was it took a lot of time if a lot of people were at the same station. And it’s easier if you number the documents next time when citing them. But other than that I did enjoy it.”
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