2020-2021 SOMS Staff List

*Denotes Team Leaders

A Note on Teams:

While math teachers are assigned teams, SOMS students are often assigned to math teachers outside of their team, based on the math level they are taking for the year. Therefore, we have the math teachers listed in a separate category from the teams, except where the math teachers are also the team leaders. If you need to contact your student’s team for any reason, it is important you include the math teacher your student has, even if they aren’t officially part of your student’s team.

District e-mail addresses are created by using the person’s first initial along with up to the first seven letters of their last name, followed by


Abella, Linda* Science
Barnhart, Johanna Social Studies
Hillman, Brandon ELA


McClure, Jennifer* Science
Kong, Juliana Social Studies
Goglia, Francesca ELA


Keegan, Lauren* Social Studies
Pierce, Kyndell ELA
Petrakian, Jodi Science


McGlotten, Lynn* Math
Guastella, Frank Science
Baily-Yavonditte, Daniel ELA
Spagnuolo, Meghan Social Studies


Chirlo, Nicole* Science
Sumner, Jacob Social Studies
Chayt, Melissa ELA


Cicenia, Anthony* Science
Aburomi, Daniah Social Studies
McArdle, Shauna ELA


Rowe, Amy* ELA
Bibighaus, Jania Science
Cadet, Jason Social Studies


Elson, Anna* Social Studies
Andrews, Shawana ELA
Hill, Kelly Science


Rosen, Hillary* Special Education
Quatrone, Brianna ELA
Buckley, William Social Studies
Baer, Stephen Science


Lereah, Jennifer 6th Grade
Muir, Amanda 6th Grade
Squires, Jessica 6th Grade
Harris, Elizabeth 7th Grade
LiPuma, Elizabeth 7th Grade
Wieboldt, Katherine 7th Grade
Catalano, Giulia 8th Grade
Lawson, Kimberly 8th Grade
Murphy, Kylie 8th Grade
Corino, Ashley All Grades Math Intervention
McGlotten, Lynn* All Grades, Academic Intervention Team, Team 7A Leader

Special Education: 6th Grade

Chance, Raemona
Gilligan, Holly
Johnson, LeShia
Avendano, Kelly
Winter, Ben
DiPietro, Juliann
Winter, Benjamin

Special Education: 7th Grade

Juliann DiPietro
Jurist, Julia
Jurist, Susan
Meade, Meghin
Niziolek, Samantha
Piccirillo, Lynn
Ruocco, Deborah

Special Education: 8th Grade

Hampton, Talaya
Monesmith, Debra
Parke, Cameron
Rosen, Hilary

Other Special Education

Dennehy, Caitlin All Grades, MD Class
DiPietro, Juliann
Saraceno, Ashley All Grades, ABA Class

Media Center & Technology

Tazewell, Lora Media Specialist/Library
Conley, Michael Tech Ed Trainer

World Languages

Dos Santos, Carla Spanish
Reyes, Ana Spanish
Kays, Juliana Spanish
Witrock, Michelle Spanish
Li, Xueyin Mandarin

Physical Education

Garcia, Michelle
Hart-Ruderman, Sophie
Smalls, Donovan
Thomas, Jarell

Related Arts

Cook, William Orchestra
DiDiego, Chelsea Band
Walker, Kaitlyn Instrumental
Ezzo, Jake Chorus
Ehrlich, Lindsay Art
MacPherson, Lisa Art
Bowe (Laviola), Kara Drama


Singh, Paul All Grades M-Z
Walsh, Lauren All Grades A-L


Turpin, Keith Nurse

Child Study Team & Social Workers

Catalano, Janice CST-Social Worker
Franza, Dana LDTC
Goodwin, Fajr Social Worker
Petchers, Penny Psychologist
Shoats, SantaMaria I-Step Academic
Steiner, Alison Social Worker
Zarabi, Michael I-Step Program

Administration & Support Staff

Irby, Lynn Principal
Jennings, James Assistant Principal
Waldron, James Assistant Principal
Ritchwood, Sandra Main Office Secretary
Smith, Bernadine Office Manager
Hellstern, Bonnie Guidance Secretary
Ellis, Sabina Data Entry Secretary
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